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Lisa Rubin, PhD, promotion to Associate Professor 

Congratulations to WMHC member Lisa Rubin, PhD, on her recent promotion to Associate Professor with Tenure at The New School for Social Research, where she is also the Assistant Director of Clinical Training for the Clinical Psychology doctoral program.

In addition, Lisa is currently chair of the WMHC social action committee. Lisa's research and clinical work focuses on women’s health concerns, including body image and eating problems, psycho-oncology, and assisted reproductive technologies.

Her scholarship includes publications in Cancer, Psychology of Women Quarterly, Health Psychology, Sex Roles, Psychology & Health, Culture Medicine & Psychiatry, among other journals. She is currently co-editing a special issue of the journal Women & Therapy on women and cancer.

Lisa Rubin, PhD


Mad in America: Science, Psychiatry and Community

The Head Bone’s Connected to the Body Bone


December 18, 2012

We have long been told that “low levels” of serotonin in the brain equal bad and sad, and we have been educated by the Pharmaceutical industry about the opportunity we have, through the use of antidepressants, to retrain our wayward neurons: by making the proverbial holes in the strainer that much smaller. But even if you accept the conventional wisdom regarding the role of serotonin in the narrative of mind, merriness, and misery, from where do we think that this magical neurochemical arises? 
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My Journey Home to Self


December 11, 2012

It is not the responsibility of those exposed to demonstrate danger, it is the responsibility of pharmaceutical, commercial, and industrial companies to properly evaluate the long-term safety of such exposures, including an evaluation of the severe risks to a potentially genetically vulnerable minority. Only then can a governing body be in a position to sanction, condone, or even promote such chemicals. 
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Truth is a Quiet Thing

Finding peace in a forward fold

As a professional performing artist for over 10 years in musical theater, I adored the process of making a show. The rehearsal process meant learning and honing new music and choreography, drilling it to as close to perfection as possible, and of course making new friends and acquiring new skills.

But nothing compared to the moment the curtain went up and there was an audience. My kicks were higher, smile broader, adrenaline was coursing through my body and my voice felt more expansive than ever. All those hours in class and in rehearsals paid off big time.

So it was quite a shock for me to take my first yoga class, and truth be told, I didn’t appreciate it much.

Where were the mirrors? How would I know if I was doing the poses right? Without my body to look at, and my voice to listen to, how would I know my place in this practice?

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submitted by Alena Gerst, LMSW, RYT 


Pride and Joy: A Guide to Understanding Your Child's Emotions and Solving Family Problems

In his recently published book Pride & Joy, child psychologist Kenneth Barish elaborates on a particular perspective to illustrate the path towards building a child's sense of optimism and emotional resilience.
Readers are reminded to focus on their child's efforts and what enabled them to achieve their goal. This in turn helps to promote the child's ability to persevere at a task rather than merely focusing on their accomplishments.
Providing real-life examples of various issues that parents face with their children, he offers the reader an opportunity to become more attuned to their child's emotional health.
Rather than merely provide a how-to book on parenting, he helps parents gain a deeper understanding of both their child and of themselves in relation to their child.
Pride & Joy is a very readable book for the intelligent parent and all those who interact with children.

To buy the book click here: Pride and Joy: A Guide to Understanding Your Child's Emotions and Solving Family Problems


Being Content With Intent

An article written by Alena Gerst on Yoga and mental health has been published in Dr. Frank Lipman’s weekly newsletter.  Dr. Lipman is an internationally recognized expert in Integrative and Functional Medicine, and Founder and Director of the Eleven Eleven Wellness Center.  The article focuses on the principle of Samtosha, a concept in yogic philosophy relating to “contentment”, and how Alena applies it to her therapeutic yoga work in hospitals.

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submitted by: Alena Gerst, LMSW, RYT 

For more information: or 917-562-2921


Announcing a new book entitled: FIERCE JOY a memoir

I would like to recommend a memoir to all those who are dealing with a serious and debilitating health or life challenge or who knows someone who is facing this type of situation.
Written by author Ellen Schecter, a courageous woman and gifted writer, this book describes her personal journey battling an illness that challenged her in every way.
Most impressive and inspirational, is how she builds and maintains her spirit, sense of humor and interpersonal ties while her body belies her emotional strength and courage.
submitted by Robin Halpern, LCSW, DCSW

The wedding doctor

WMHC member Jocelyn W. Charnas, Ph.D. was recently featured in New York Magazine's Summer 2012 Weddings issue for her work with engaged couples. Dr. Charnas' primary goal through her time-limited and focused course of couples treatment, is to help the bride- and groom-to-be to navigate the common anxieties and stressors that arise during the engagement period. The focus is on normalizing the experience as both a joyful and stressful one and weekly sessions are aimed at helping couples to better communicate, negotiate, empathize, and gain perspective. If couples are willing to devote an hour or two a week to the health of their relationship during the often tumultuous engagement period, it can lay the foundation for a lasting marriage.

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For more information, please contact Dr. Charnas at or at 917.930.5152


The Tissue Issue

Clients' and patients' personal stories are road maps that help psychotherapists and clients navigate unexplored areas in the clients' lives. But what isn't said can be just as important as what's spoken. There is a long tradition in treatment modalities such as play therapy, art therapy and dance therapy of interpreting non-verbal cues. Though I was never a student of those schools, session after session, I started to see that behavior in treatment spoke volumes. I noticed that clients' actions could reveal unconscious beliefs about themselves and others. This essay explores how clients use tissues and what that might tell us that words alone cannot. 

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submitted by: Janet Zinn, LCSW


Komen’s Betrayal of Women’s Health, and their Voice

"A clinical psychologist reflects on the Komen foundation's decision to cut, and then refund, breast screening for poor women at Planned Parenthood. Women all over the U.S. have made clear that our voices and our efforts to fight breast cancer should not, and cannot, be co-opted for political gains, especially not at the cost of women's health." 

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submitted by: Lisa R. Rubin, Ph.D.


Perinatal and Postpartum Mood Disorders

Statistics on the prevalence of perinatal mood disorders suggest that up to 20% of women experience diagnosable pregnancy related mood disorders. This increasing awareness has also resulted in legislative and healthcare initiatives to screen, assess, and treat such disorders. But a major barrier to successful implementation of such programs is the lack of available resources to train healthcare professionals in this specialty.
This book offers a major resource for healthcare professionals, mental health professionals, and medical, nursing, psychology, and social work students who will be confronting this problem in their practices. The contributions, by renowned experts, fill a glaring gap in the knowledge professionals need in order to successfully manage maternal mental health.

Submitted by: Alexis Menken, Ph.D.