If you’re a small business owner, you may want to sign up for iPay99, a payment service that
allows you to pay other businesses with a single payment. The service offers many benefits,
including Pay a Person, a convenient way to transfer funds online for a $1.99 fee. To use this
service, you must login to your Internet banking account and create a “Pay a Person”
transaction. Afterward, you can add an individual and their address to pay with iPay99, or you
can simply print out a paper check and mail it to the recipient.
Pay a person feature
The Pay a Person feature allows users to transfer funds to individuals electronically. In
exchange for a $1.99 fee, users must first log in to their internet banking account. Afterward,
they must select a recipient address, enter the person’s email address, and authorize the
transfer. This feature is available only for certain companies. Once authorized, users must
simply enter the information required to access the payee’s website.

iPay88 SOHO plan

For online merchants with monthly sales below RM4,000, the Soho plan is recommended.
However, if your monthly sales are greater than RM4,000, the SME plan is the best option for
you. The SOHO plan has a low maintenance fee of only 3.5% to 4% and a weekly settlement
process. For more information on each plan, read on. This article covers the benefits and
disadvantages of each plan.
iPay88 SOHO plan has a minimum transaction threshold of RM100. Its lowest transaction fee is
3.5%, making it a better option for smaller merchants. There are no sign-up or annual fees for
iPay88’s SOHO plan, which is ideal for small businesses. It also offers many other advantages,
including real-time transaction updates, easy integration, and free processing. Whether you need
a small business payment gateway or a larger scale online store, iPay88 has a plan that will suit
your needs.
iPay88 is a popular payment gateway provider in Southeast Asia. Although it costs more to set
up, the transaction fee is far lower than that of PayPal. It pays out weekly to your local bank
account. Unlike PayPal, iPay88’s fees are low, with just 3.5% of every transaction. Your
business may only need the basic SOHO plan for your daily transactions, but you can still take
advantage of all iPay88 has to offer.
iPay88 offers two subscription plans for merchants. The SOHO plan can be a great choice for
small businesses that need a payment gateway to process transactions online. It includes free
credit card processing through multiple channels. In Malaysia, you can also opt for a free
payment gateway, such as Braintree or PayPal Malaysia. You can also use a combination of
these two services. If you need more features, you can try MOLPay or eGHL. However, if you’re
on a budget, iPay88’s SOHO plan is the best option.

iPay99 Merchand Code

If you want to integrate iPay88 into your online store, you will first need a WordPress or
WooCommerce account. After that, you will need to install the iPay88 payment gateway and the
iPay99 Merchand Code. Then, you’ll need to verify your customer’s card information, address
verification, and confirmation. iPay88 is a leading provider of electronic payment services in
Asia. The company uses a rich collection of payment processing technology to help merchants
process payments on their websites.